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About Us is the organization in the world that introduced Quran Tutor Online Program. We are the world most respected and older organizations offering Quran classes online. Lower the ranking better it is. Most of the other tutoring organization will not have any kind of traffic profile.

Pak Quran Academy has been established with the aim of teaching the holy Quran from Arabic alphabets to reading Quran with Tajweed. Our key aim is to prepare children who are unable to read Quran with Tajweed and for adults also who can read but not aware of Tajweed rules. recognizes that a vast majority of people are engaged in full time commitments ranging from full time work, studies and family. Especially for children and sisters facing difficulties to go into Islamic centers and in mosques to learn Quran.


Our Tutors:

One to one method allows tutors to learn and adopt learning style of each student. We thoroughly check the background of tutors so you don’t have to worry who is teaching you and/or your kid.

A real expert tutor is just a click away. A student can be getting help online from professional teacher in minutes to learn reading and recitation of the Al Quran with tajweed and tarteel.